Frequently Asked Questions

1         Is there any entry fees for participants to participate in the 3QT contest?

NO - On, Registration is Free of Cost, You don't have to pay anything to register with us.
Anyone who has a facebook account and 3QT Roll Number can participate in 3QT contest for absolutely free.

2         What is valid comment format?

Click here for valid comment format information.

3         What is 20 question-bank?

20-question bank is a practice set for participant's preparation. it's just like a life-line for the contest. we ask minimum 1 or maximum 2 questions from our last few question banks on every 3QT contest. we will add a new 20 question bank after every contest. So get ready and be prepared...
You can also access any previous contest question bank for reading purpose in any time on our site.

4         if I win how can I get my prize?

you can get your cash prize within 24 hours via paytm or direct bank account transfer. you can add your paytm number or bank account information on my account page.
in case of winning product or service, we will call you at your primary contact number to assist you.

5         Tips to win the 3QT contest -

1 - Read 20 question bank daily to get prepared for the contest.
2 - Stay on post tab on our facebook page and keep page refreshing at question posting time.
3 - try to comment your answer fastest first in valid comment format.
your answer space your roll number
Eg: (A 1010)
please note that edited comments are not allowed your comment must be original.
one person can comment only 1 answer in one question if someone tries to comment multiple answers in a single question then he/she will not get any marks for that question.
4 - answer all the questions as fastest as possible. The contestants who answer more and more questions in the shortest possible time will get more points and they can become the winner of the contest.

6         Can i participate in 3QT with my connected Facebook account only?

No - you can participate in 3qt with any Facebook account. You just need one 3QT account and Roll Number.



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