Please note that - 3QT contest is going to divide into 8 weeks seasons and seasons-1 is going to end on contest number #56. Between any 2 Seasons a gap of at least 1 month will be kept. Please subscribe to notification alerts for upcoming 3QT Season 2 information. and Like our Facebook Page

How To Play?

To win on 3 Questions Thrill you have to give just FASTEST ANSWER FIRST in VALID COMMENT FORMAT.

How to Play

1: Registration

On, Registration is Free of Cost, You don't have to pay anything to register with us.

2: Participation on contest

Any Indian citizen who has a facebook account and 3QT Roll Number can participate in 3QT contest.
the minimum age to participate in this contest is 18+.if you are a minor you can participate under your parent's guidance.

3: Performing On Competition

To qualifies and win the prizes. all the participant's need to perform on active competition.
Be present on our Facebook Page post tab on Contest time.
Every Day between 8:00 PM to 8:15 PM we ask 3 Questions back to back on our Facebook Page by page post.
1st question time is 8:05 PM 2nd 8:10 PM and 3rd are 8:15 PM
keep page refreshing at question posting time so you can see the new questions very fast and first.
you have to give the correct answer to the following three questions fastest first in the valid comment format.
If you earn more points by giving the correct answer to more questions and come to the top in the leaderboard, then you will be the winner of this contest.
you can play with any device (eg: pc laptop mobile tab etc ).

how to answer
Eg: If Questions is..

 The sunlight from sun to Earth reaches in -
A: 8 minutes B: 5 minutes
C: 6 minutes D: 10 minutes

And if correct answer is 8 minutes
then your answer should be..

 A 1012

your answer spaceyour Roll Number
Eg: a 1012 or A 1012 or a     1012

valid comment format :
your answer spaceyour Roll Number:
For - correct answer = A and Roll Number = 1012,
Eg: a 1012 or A 1012
a 1012
A 1012
a     1012
   a 1012
aa 1012
a 1012 :)
a 10122
a 1012 hello
All edited comments
please note that edited comments are not allowed your comment must be original.
if you are not satisfied with your answer you can post multiple comments.

Here are few simple rules to participate in 3QT competition's. kindly follow them before you start participating.

Rules to participate in 3QT Contest :

1: Atleast for a week :
A: your answer comment must be visible publicly on question's post on facebook page.
B: Do not edit your answer and your facebook account name.
C: Do not share your facebook and 3QT account credentials (eg. username or password ) with anyone.
Otherwise you will no longer eligible for any prizes.

2: Do not post or comment anything on Questions post including - Abusing , spam , nudity, malicious link's , advertising of other websites , Religion's and Political Topic, etc :
Otherwise User will be banned forever instantly. and we will be entitled to close all Your Accounts and eliminate you from participating in our website in future immediately.

All the name of the winners will be declared on VIA leaderboard within same day after 15 min of contest and the prize will be distributed in 2 days.

3QT contest Judgement System

All the prizes will be distributed according to leaderboard.
there is no random winner selection, All the Contest will judged by our automated comment checking system according to above table with 100% acuracy.
Let's understand how leaderboard works,
The Leader Board will select top 30 competitors who answer the correct answer in the shortest possible time.
And if any competitor can give the right answer to more than one question in the shortest possible time.
Then for every question he will get points in the order of his time. And whose scores are high, they will be at the top of the competitive leader board. If two competitors get the same number of points. Then in the order of their time the results will be created. And if their time of reply is also the same, then the results will be in the order of their questions. Once the Leaderboard is created for any contest, Whatever the results will be valid for all.







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